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Born in the Midwest to a small town in Northern Indiana, Kristen spends her days teaching, coaching, creating art, coordinating events, volunteering when she can, spending time in the outdoors, and loving on her fur kids.

Kristen's education and recognition in the arts started as early as elementary school, when a watercolor painting of a flower arrangement was recognized for early conceptual skills.  Her artwork was shared with the public and honorarily displayed in the school's Administration building.  Excited by what she was learning and what she wanted to share with others, Kristen continued to submit artwork for school contests and local art competitions winning top awards all around.  

During high school, Kristen explored every available art class offered, and in conclusion, accepted the school's distinguished Fine Arts scholarship.  When submitting her portfolio for college acceptance at the University of Saint Francis, she also received a four year art scholarship.  While in college, Kristen continued exploring all types of arts, expanded her knowledge on how to share information in the teaching compacity, and gained some insight in her business classes for entrepreneurial use.  

With degrees in Art Education, Ceramics, and Business, Kristen began her teaching career with Elementary students.  Five years later, she moved to the high school level and has been teaching at the same school now for eleven years.  Classes she has taught are Intro to Art, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, and IB Visual Arts.  Outside of the regular day, Kristen also oversees their Art Club and National Art Honor Society.   

Wanting to offer and share her knowledge, Kristen has been a part of the Art Educator's Association of Indiana for several years.  She has maintained the role of District 2 Rep. for the past three years, and was on the committee who helped with putting together last year's Fall Convention.  In recognition of her hard work and dedication to the arts,  Kristen was nominated and awarded as Indiana's High School Art Teacher of the Year in 2019.       

While cultivating and promoting her student's artwork, Kristen still finds time to continue exploring and developing her own work.  Currently she is considering different ways of transferring imagery from her rabbit painting series to the surface of her ceramic pottery.  Visiting fellow ceramic artists and attending various technique workshops has offered some ideas as to what these resolved pieces will look like in the near future.

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